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Valerie Lockwood
April 30, 2024
I enjoy working for J&M staff has been very kind and helpful. I enjoy taking care of my client and interacting with the families. I've been with J&M for 5 yrs.
Nancy Ochoa
April 26, 2024
So I’ve been working two years already with j & m Home services and The staff office has always has work with me very well especially when I need time off and Letty the front Girl office has always been very good and very helpful of what I need Letty has always helped me with paperwork and stuff like that when I need it and directs me directly to what I need to do. I’m very happy with this company and many more to come.
Kimbal Griffith
April 24, 2024
We have been very happy with the caregivers- personable, reliable and very helpful in providing assistance in daily activities for my 89 year old mother . The office staff always answer the phone, and also extremely helpful . So nice to talk with a person these days instead of an automated voice . The office staff have been extremely flexible in scheduling hours for my mother as her care requirements change. Even the billing person has been consistently available and always happy to answer my questions and make changes . We are very happy we chose J and M .
Sara Ornellas
April 23, 2024
The entire staff at J&M Homecare Services have always been very helpful in providing care for our 104 year old mother. They are professional and yet it is obvious that Mom's care is very important to them. I was once told that the mantra for caring for our elders is "safe, comfortable and content". We feel that these basics and beyond are provided by the ladies from J&M Homecare.
Jamie Flint
April 3, 2024
Amazing! Patient, caring. Felixable! My mother isn't the easiest to get along with, the caregiver was amazing with her! I would recommend J&M to any family looking for care for their loved one.
Rosie D'Arcy
April 2, 2024
J & M staff have been very kind in the care of our Catholic Charities' MSSP participants. Our participants have commented that J & M staff have provided excellent care and services.
Jack F
February 21, 2024
For the past 12 months, staff from J&M Homecare Service have been spending a couple hours per day 3 days per week with my 93 year-old father. Our objective is to allow him to remain in his home and delay or avoid moving him into assisted living. Lately, as the need for greater assistance has become evident, J&M’s flexibility easily allowed us to increase to 6 hours per day 6 days per week. The additional hours and days have caused J&M to introduce additional staff into the rotation and each new team member has fit well with my father. We appreciate the cooperative spirit of J&M Homecare and the servant’s hearts of their team members.
Anna Fernandez
February 21, 2024
I find myself caring for my clients on a personal level and become attached to them and their families. I enjoy helping with housekeeping, laundry, cooking and companionship. I like that you can request available shifts yourself. Communication with the office is supportive and professional.