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Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care for Families in the Bay Area

The first 48 hours after hospitalization are critical! It’s crucial that patients have the right transitional care throughout this period to guarantee the best outcome. The coordination of the resources and assistance a patient gets after being released from the hospital is known as transitional care. It assists in filling the gap between hospital-based and home-based care.

Transitional care has been shown to cut down on hospital readmissions, improve quality of life and even save lives. When a patient is released from the hospital, transitional care can give them the services they need to have a successful recovery at home.

With J&M Homecare Services, patients have access to consistent care at home, which may help lower their risk of readmission. Since 2001, we have been assisting patients in the Stockton, San Ramon, San Rafael and neighboring communities in the Bay Area in obtaining the necessary post-hospital care to facilitate a speedy and trouble-free return home. With our Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care program, you or a loved one don’t have to worry about running into an issues that would cause readmission.

The Importance of Transitional Care After Discharge in the Bay Area

Post-discharge transitional care is crucial. Transitional care helps patients adjust to their new environment and way of life. This can help reduce the number of times they have to go back to the hospital and improve their quality of life. J&M Homecare Services helps patients recover smoothly by offering continuity of care at home.

Understanding the risks that might lead to readmission after receiving transitional care is crucial for a speedy recovery from hospitalization. These include:

  • Unclear discharge instructions from the hospital
  • Poor patient education about their condition and recovery plan
  • Lack of follow-up care or monitoring
  • Inadequate access to medications, supplies, or other necessary resources
  • Poor nutrition or hydration levels
  • Failure to recognize signs and symptoms of complications
  • Limited social support for the patient

Being readmitted to the hospital after a period of recovery might have serious long-term effects. Patients who are readmitted to the hospital have a higher risk of infection, longer hospital stays, and even death. It may also lead to higher out-of-pocket medical spending and readmission charges that your insurance might not pay. Readmission may also create emotional hardship and worry for the patient and their loved ones.

These risks can all be addressed through proper transitional care. With J&M Homecare Services, you or a loved one can receive the necessary resources and support to ensure a successful recovery at home.

What Does the Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care Program Include?

At J&M Homecare Services, we understand the importance of providing continuity of care in the home to help reduce readmission rates and improve quality of life. Our Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care program provides comprehensive support and resources to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home for individuals in the North Bay, East Bay, and Central Valley regions of California.

Our Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care program includes these services:

Discharge Assistance

At J&M Homecare Services, we understand that the process of transitioning from hospital to home can be overwhelming. That’s why we provide comprehensive discharge assistance services to help ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Hospital-to-Home Transportation

Our caregivers can provide safe and comfortable transportation services from the hospital to your home after you’ve been discharged. We can also help you with any necessary arrangements for wheelchair access or other special needs.

Ambulation Assistance

If you need to use mobility aids or other supportive devices to move around during recovery, our caregivers can provide you with the necessary support and resources to ensure safe and comfortable ambulation during the transition from hospital to home.

Medication and Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Oftentimes, people who have been discharged from the hospital need to take medication to help them during recovery or use DME to monitor their health. Our Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care Program can help ensure you or a loved one take medication at the right time and receive any necessary DME.

Meal Preparation

In some cases, people who have been discharged from the hospital are advised to follow a specific diet in order to get the nutrients they need, stay healthy, and avoid readmission. However, it may become tiresome to prepare special meals, find the right ingredients, or deal with cleaning up after a meal. Caregivers from J&M Homecare Services can help you with preparing meals and snacks that follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations.

Personal Hygiene Care

Maintaining your personal hygiene is essential after discharge in order to avoid infections and further complications. Our caregivers can help with:

Exercise & Physical Therapy (PT) Assistance

In certain cases, you may need to exercise regularly or participate in physical therapy sessions to keep up your physical strength during recovery. Through our Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care program, our caregivers can provide safe and comfortable transportation services to and from physical therapy sessions, as well as help you with any exercises or activities prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Safety & Wellness Checks

When a loved one is discharged from the hospital and recovering at home, it’s important for family members, primary care providers (PCP) and anyone who has Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) to be informed of their condition and well-being. If their condition isn’t improving or any complications arise, intervention or readmission may be necessary. At J&M Homecare Services, our caregivers can check in on people while they’re recovering to ensure they’re following instructions from their healthcare provider and are doing well. We can also keep you informed of how your loved one is doing and report any changes in their condition or well-being.

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